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Securesites Troon Ltd is a family owned business with over 24 years of experience in supplying professional guarding key holding and Mobile patrol services.

Directors Christopher George and son Jonathan have operated from the Troon industrial area in Thurmaston since 1992. Our first client was Marshals of Leicester and remains our client as of to date. We started our industrial guarding business from Marshals rear office after successfully capturing a persistent thief helping himself to Vauxhall car parts. We expanded slowly across the Troon industrial estate, catching and being instrumental in having arrested a very large number of criminals. The skills we implement today are those learned from day one whilst bringing the estate to a manageable area virtually crime free amongst our clients. Unfortunately, we stopped looking after the entire estate in 2010 and instead only protect those contributing to the safe site scheme. We currently still provide mobile patrols and key-holding services to over 150 properties in the Thurmaston and Syston areas of the city.

We had until recently resisted expanding beyond our response capabilities that may have compromised our clients and ACPO guide lines of twenty minutes to alarm activations. In doing so, we have established a very large and very secure client base that we can reach realistically in less than ten minutes given road conditions. This allows a very short time frame for lengthy intrusions, and helps reduce potential losses to our clients. Due to our company restructuring and expansion plans we now offer our services across the UK, whilst maintaining our core operational area here in Leicester.

In 2007 we moved away from older data tag systems over to electronically geographically tagging our clients to prove our contracted obligations. Each time our foot and mobile patrol officers enter the client’s coordinates, they instantly log online. Each client has free direct access to this software allowing minute by minute viewing of our patrols and response to their alarms 24 hours a day.

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