Mobile Patrols

Should you require a visual, experienced and fully uniformed security presence to provide regular patrols of and around your commercial property, the mobile patrol service available here at SecureSites Troon Ltd ticks all the right boxes.

On a frequency that you feel comfortable with, our mobile security patrol officers will arrive at your site and immediately assess the area to identify whether the property may be at risk. Conducting a comprehensive check of all exterior doors, windows and outbuildings, in addition to any vehicles that may be left on-site, they will be looking for any signs of tampering or attempted break-ins.

Should anything out of the ordinary be identified or evidence of a break-in be apparent, our officers will immediately notify your chosen keyholder as well as the police before any further investigation.

K9 Mobile patrols

We deploy mobile patrol K9 units around the Leicester area who are highly trained by ourselves, the SIA and by NASDU to provide a high standard of security service.
Our K9 units are by far the most effective security solution to deter would be intruders from targeting your premises. If a potential intruder sees a K9 unit patrolling your premises, they will not want to take the risk of being apprehended by one of our highly trained dogs.

Mobile Patrol Tracking

Over our many years in the industry, we understand that our clients want to know how often and when patrols at their premises have taken place. It is for this reason why we offer GPS tracking services to all of our clients so you can assess the frequency of visits, the time spent on site and identify exactly where our guards patrolled.

For any client wishing to monitor our mobile patrols, we offer free access to our server, ensuring you enjoy benefits including:

  • Real-time updates
  • 24/7 service
  • Locations on Google Earth
  • GPS tracking on both staff and vehicles
  • Online viewing
  • Route times
  • Locations visited

It is this in-depth level of service in addition to our expert local knowledge, highlighted by the fact that each of our patrol vehicles operate within a specific location and utilise patrol officers who know the area, that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

If you’d like to benefit from the enhanced security provided by our mobile patrols, call today on 0116 2464 952 and speak to a member of our highly knowledgeable team.

For Leicester Offices Contact
0116 2464 952

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