Security guard dog services that keep your business and assets safe throughout the UK

  • Dogs can sense intruders from a distance, even if they are hiding out of sight
  • Trained security dogs will deter criminals from targeting your site
  • All dog handlers and dogs are trained and certified by NASDU

Highly effective K9 security solutions.

SecureSites provide professional security dog services nationwide. When it comes to providing a highly effective way to prevent any criminal activity on your premises, a security dog unit is more effective than several regular static security guards or any electronic security systems.

general purpose security dog

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“From an incident rate as high as 5-10 per month, since using the Secure Sites Service there has been just 1 intruder in 3 months and he was stopped by the very happy dog!

Due to the site being multi-operational we had demands that needed to be met by the Dog Handler and everything to date has run smoothly without incident. We will consider using this service at our other sites should the need arise.”

James Coles

Managing Director

General Purpose Security Dog with a Guard from Secure Sites Troon Leicester

Security guard dogs are able to sense intruders from a distance by smell, sight or sound, even if the intruders are hiding out of sight.

  • Our dogs are trained to indicate to the dog handler the presence of potential intruders on or around your site.
  • They will protect their handler and show controlled aggression when confronted with threatening behavior.
  • Once the thieves are caught, the security guard dogs are able to detain a suspect until the authorities arrive.

To discuss how the security guards with dogs can prevent crime on your premises contact our team at 0116 2464 952

How the security dog service works?

Our security dogs will be under the constant control of their NASDU qualified handler so will be no threat to workers or other staff members operating at your site.

With both handler and dog working in tandem, you get dual benefits in the form of a highly trained security guard plus a dog which brings the visual deterrent and improved hearing abilities and sense of smell.

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“Decreased criminal activity since having a K9 unit patrolling our site!

On numerous occasions Secure Sites have prevented criminal acts from taking place, chasing perpetrators with their K9 unit from our Business Park. We have noted a decrease in petty thefts taking place on site and we are positive that this is due to Secure Sites Troon Ltd’s determination to catch, prevent and stop any criminal activities taken place on their watch!

Knowing that a K9 unit is patrolling the site, helps to give us as a landlord and our tenant’s peace of mind.”

One security dog unit can be as effective as several conventional security guards working around your premises.

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Why choose Security Sites Troon?

  • Trained and certified professional dog handlers
  • Trained and certified dogs
  • SIA licenced dog handlers
  • Uniformed dog handlers
  • Effective visual deterrent
  • Full site patrols
  • Quality assured security dog service

Get fully trained security dog units to operate at your premises

Send us a message via our online form or alternatively give us a call on 0116 2464 952 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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