IP Motion Detector CCTV Camera

The latest iteration of Dahua TiOC Active Motion Deterrent Cameras

Does your site need a state of the art CCTV motion sensor camera system? Speak to our expert team to find what fits your business best.


Our newest and most innovative iteration of Dahua TiCO motion-activated camera systems have the optional feature of downloading an app on your smartphone or tablet to view your site from our CCTV cameras. We can also provide a monitor that we recommend using to watch your site through our camera systems in much better quality.

Dahua TiCO Motion Sensor Camera

The Dahua TiCO camera is a perfect option to maintain your site security, as it has a versatile array of deterrent systems. Not only does the camera record footage for potential evidence, but the device also sends a notification to your phone along with video footage of the intrusion/motion detection.

This dynamic CCTV motion activated camera system can have its detection range and digital tripwires customised to reduce the number of potential false calls. This customisation allows our devices to know when to use deterrent methods like the flashing lights, alarm sirens or the speaker playing a vocal message to deter potential intruders.

CCTV Artificial Intelligence To Reduce False Alarms

A staple of the Dahua TiCO camera is its artificial intelligence, an innovative technology that helps in determining what would be considered as an intruder or a vehicle and what could be a small animal or debris moving. This dramatically reduces the number of false alarms tripped by around 75%, reducing your costs for calling out security teams. If the AI determines the motion to be an intruder, the hardware will use its security devices like the flashing lights, alarm and speaker and send alerts to your phone and other stakeholders who have access to the system.

CCTV Monitoring & Installation in Leicestershire

Not only do we supply and install CCTV systems, we also provide 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

Connecting your camera system to our monitoring station allows monitoring outside of our working hours. When our monitoring station witnesses an intruder, they will contact your dedicated key holders, as well as the police, to efficiently deal with the intrusion. If you have our security response service, we will send out a team of experienced security guards and, potentially, dog handlers, depending on your site location.

How To Begin The Protection Of Your Site

Start the conversation by contacting our team today!

We will arrange a time for our engineer to visit your site, talk about what would best fit your site and what you would require by fulfilling a complete site evaluation. Once this step is complete, we will better understand what your tailored security plan will look like. We will then send you a quotation with everything you need to know about the supply and installation of our security devices. 

Once you’ve authorised our security plan, we can begin the installation phase and revisit your site to put your security system in place. We will carry out a test to ensure that the system is working as intended and meets your expectations. We will also train you in effectively using the CCTV system through the NVR and monitor, setting up your smartphone app, and we will show you how to navigate the system for off-site viewing of your cameras from anywhere in the world via our CCTV application.

SecureSites keep your assets safe wherever they are. find out what service we offer in your area.

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