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Protect your building and key-holders from dangerous intruders.

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Protect your property and assets with fast responding mobile patrol service

Are you putting your key-holders at risk?

1. Do you currently have a safe procedure for your attending key-holders?
2. Who else is aware your key-holder has responded to your alarm?
3. Who will check on them to make sure they are safe?

Keeping your key-holders safe should be a high priority for your business in the case of a breach. They face being compromised or worse still- compromised and alone. Your key-holder and premises are then at risk from intruders.

Key-holders at risk

A specialist security key holding company gives you the peace of mind knowing that your business is in safe hands and that your employees are not attending a potentially dangerous situation.

Keep you property safe. Call on 0116 2464 952 and speak to a member of our security team.


Professional key-holders

Our key-holding service eliminates the need for your employee key-holder attending every alarm activation, and therefore reduces the risk to their safety. Instead, they will only be contacted in the case of a real breach. This is how it works:

Professional key-holders

Rapid response to your alarm

Rapid response to your alarm

When we receive notification of activation from either your central station or a dialler system, a security guard or a fully trained and certified security dog team will attend your premises. The use of dog units provides quicker reaction times to any events that may unfold as well as additional protection for the security guard and your key-holder.

External premises checks and information logging

Upon arrival, our security guard or dog team will complete a full external search of the premises to inspect for signs of a breach. Once the search has been completed, with no signs of breach, the security guard or dog handler will scan our onsite near field contact tags (NFC) to verify the time of inspection.

If you have been breached

If you have been breached

If a breach has taken place, once an additional security guard has arrived for assistance, a full internal K9 inspection will take place to locate the intruder/s and detain them, if they are still on the premises. Once the search has been completed, we will then contact your inhouse key holder and the police to attend.

Securing your property

Securing your property

Once your premises have been secured, the attending guard will complete a digital incident report for your file and you will be emailed a copy. Likewise, if you were contracted for mobile patrols these would also show on your personal file.

Ensuring the safety of your key-holders

Still want a member of your staff on-site for all alarm activations? You can have a service for that
too – our key-holder escort service. If we receive a call from your alarm central station as an
escort only, we will attend the premises, again contacting your smart tag. A full premise check is
then carried out with the dogs and while they await the arrival of your nominated key-holder.

Once we are happy the alarm fault/breach has been resolved and the key-holder is safely on their way,
we will complete a report and upload to your file and email you a copy.

If a breach has taken place, we would request that the key-holder remains outside until either the
police or our NASDU trained k9 unit has cleared the premise for entry.

From as little as £30.00 a month, you can take advantage of our Leicester key-holding service, which includes many benefits:

  • Fast response
  • Full alarm resets and re-securing of your premises
  • Comprehensive digital report supplied the next day
  • Patrols for the rest of the night on request
  • Key-holder escort service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Key usage recorded digitally

Keep you property safe. Call on 0116 2464 952 and speak to a member of our security team.

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“Reliable, courteous and efficient.”

“Porsche Centre Leicester has used the service of Securesites Troon Ltd since the opening of our premises in September 2007. Over the years we have developed a good relationship with their security personnel who are both reliable, courteous and efficient. Securesites Troon is extremely flexible and always meets our requirements, even at short notice.

We have and continue to be very happy with the service they provide and have no hesitation in recommending their services to any business looking for a reliable security service.”

Richard Grout

Dealer Principal

Trusted security company in Leicestershire

In-depth level of service in addition to our expert local knowledge, highlighted by the fact that each of our patrol vehicles operate within a specific location and utilise patrol officers who know the area, that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

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Why choose Security Sites Troon?

  • Trained and licenced professional security guards
  • Regular, full site patrols
  • Vehicles patrols
  • Crime prevention checks and reviews
  • Fully uniformed security deterrent
  • Quality assured service
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Cost-competetive security systems

Sleep better at night knowing your business and key-holders are protected.
Keep them safe with us.

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