Pest Control Service

Pest control Shooting Services where other methods
are not sufficient enough.

At SecureSites, we often carry out pest shooting requirements. Not only does this method of pest control
reduce pest populations significantly faster than other methods of controlling pests such as traps and
poisons, but it also ensures that the problem won’t simply return after a few weeks and eliminates the risk of
poisons effecting other animals within the environment. In some cases, shooting is the only way to keep pest
populations in check. The majority of our shooting work is limited to Rats, Grey Squirrels, feral pigeons,
Corvids, Magpies and Rabbits. Since these pests breed so prolifically, it can be very difficult to deal with
them using non-lethal methods.

Pest infestations can spread very fast, so what starts out as a small problem
will often quickly develop into one that’s much harder to control. In addition, pests make their nests in
secluded areas, so you might not even realise the scale of the infestation until the next generation of
offspring emerges. Whatever the cause, the fact of the matter is that pest shooting is an essential method to
have at our disposal, and whenever necessary, we have the skills, over 20 years of pest shooting experience,
and insurances require to carry out such work successfully, legally and most importantly, safely.

The Pest Control Shooting

The pest controllers who carry out our shooting work are all trained and have vast years of experience
shooting. We take public safety extremely seriously and work hard to ensure that we always act responsibly
and discretely when using air rifles. Every pest shooting requirement is carefully planned, assessed and risk
assessed to be as efficient and safe as possible.

We complete of our pest control shooting services outside of business hours to aid in ensuring a safe
environment to perform our duties without risk to anybody else who may be working on or visiting the site.
To complete our pest control requirements, we utilise low powered (sub-12) moderated (silenced) air rifles
with night vision and thermal imaging equipment to increase our effectiveness and aid in providing a discrete
service with no lights shining around or loud shots being fired which may attract attention, especially close to
public areas.

All shooting requirements are planned and scheduled to ensure that you know exactly when we will be
attending your site and also to inform you when we have finished, leaving and securing your site in the

As a security service provider, you can rest assured that any persons working for SecureSites will be fully
screened and vetted to BS7858 to give you the peace of mind that you have trustworthy persons on your site
unattended. Furthermore, if your site is a secure site requiring access, we work to high security standards in
regard to holding the keys to access your site within our recorded security key holding programme.
Our pest control services cover a wide range of settings such as, but not limited to:

  • Farms and farm buildings
  • Waste disposal sites
  • Recycling plants
  • Nurseries
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Sporting clubs/grounds
  • Vacant land/properties
  • Commercial buildings/properties
  • Private Commercial estates
  • Private estates/grounds
  • Reserves

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