Empty Property Security Solutions

Empty Property Security Inspection Services

Ensure that your empty property is maintained in a safe condition at all times. Secure Sites Troon will inspect the entire property, internally and externally, to make notes about any potential breaches, vandalism or damages via weather, fly-tipping or utility leaks. We will also check for unwanted guests and settlers that may be found on the premises of your property.

If you have running water on your property, we will turn on the taps and flush the toilets to reduce the chance of bacteria building up in the pipes. These property inspections can be completed on your schedule, and once completed, you will be given a report with detailed notes on any pertinent information or actions that would be applicable, to maintain a safe and secure site.

Wired IP CCTV Systems To Secure Empty Properties

If your site has consistent power running through it, a wired CCTV camera would be a great option to help you maintain your empty property security. Not only is the resolution dramatically increased on wired CCTV cameras, but their detection range is 4 X bigger than wireless cameras. 

The Duhau TiOC would be an ideal solution to any vacant site with consistent power due to its high resolution and full-colour night vision. It also has customisable detection zones and digital tripwires, and its AI feature is an integral part of reducing the number of false alarms, as it can differentiate intruders and vehicles from small animals and debris. This camera system will use an array of devices to deter intruders, and these include a flashing light, alarm and speaker that can play a message to inform the intruder that they have been detected.

Optionally, our monitoring station can monitor the IP camera system to send out a response team and notify the police. If you don’t opt-in for the monitoring station, we provide a smartphone app that you can download to access your site’s camera system whilst being off-site by simply logging in. Alongside the TIOC cameras, we can also install high definition infrared cameras.

Wireless CCTV RSI Camera and Fire Detection Systems

The RSI is an excellent wireless CCTV camera for vacant properties, as they don’t require consistent power through the site to be powered. They are very helpful in pinging disturbances created by intruders as they enter your site. They work similarly to other cameras we provide, and they will monitor 24/7. We will also dispatch a response team and notify the police in case of any intruders being on your site.

We can help with the installation of several wireless RSI devices:

  • An internal intruder alarm can be installed with PIR motion detectors and cameras, door contacts, key/fob access and an access point, as well as sirens and a speaker that will play a recorded message.
  • An internal fire alarm can be installed with smoke detectors, heat detectors, break glass points, and a siren to alert present people of any potential fire.
  • External RSI motion viewer kits can be installed with a keypad access/fob point, motion-viewer sensor cameras, sirens and speakers.
  • A flood detector, where its installation includes two conductive prongs that will detect what they come into contact with and sending a ping to our security team to inspect the property to prevent any further flood damage that may occur in the cause of a leak.

Empty Property Security Patrol Services and Responses

Our vacant property inspections aren’t the only way to ensure that your property is safe and secure. We also provide off-hours security visits and responses to alerts at all times. Our security service team will patrol your site per the agreed amounts per day or night to ensure that your vacant property is not being vandalised, damaged or intruded upon. 

To identify our security team, they will have an NFC tag (near-field contact) to verify their reasoning to be on site. Any issues that are found by our security team will be reported directly to you. If you have an alarm or CCTV camera system on-site, we will send out our mobile response team to investigate the site and find a solution for the incident.

Vacant Property Guard Services

Besides the visiting security officer, we can offer a more static security team to be stationed at your vacant site to be observant for any intrusion that may occur. These security guards will also be a physical deterrent for any potential intruders, and they will be uniformed to show that they are the security for your site.

Security Dog Services

In addition to our static onsite security team, we can provide dog services, which is our most popular type of security service. Our dog handlers are trained to a minimum of a level 2 security dog/handler certification by the SSCS and full compliance to BS 8517-1. Our canine service is reliable and highly effective in keeping your vacant site safe and in deterring any type of intruders by sensing them before they even enter your property due to their heightened senses.

SecureSites keep your assets safe wherever they are. find out what service we offer in your area.

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