Performance Monitoring

At SecureSites, we have implemented several work performance monitoring systems to our security services in order to help gather evidence, report incidents and monitor the work that is carried out by our security officers.

We grant our customers full access to our NFC patrol and report system so you can monitor the work that we carry out via an online portal or PDF printouts, which can be emailed on request. Our patrol and report systems offer our client’s complete transparency of the services that we provide so you can see exactly what we have done and when we did it on your site.

NFC patrol system

We install NFC (near field contact) tags around our client’s premises so that, during our security patrols, our security officers can swipe the NFC tags with their mobile device. When an NFC tag is swiped, the patrol will be stored directly in the client’s file where it can be viewed via our online portal or as a PDF print out emailed directly to your inbox.

The report will show your customer account, location, the names of the security officers who performed the patrols along with the times and dates of all security patrols.

NFC key usage tracking

We provide key holding services for many of our clients across a broad range of industries and, for the ultimate level of security, we utilise our NFC system to track the usage of keys through an intelligent and secure protocol. This protocol requires security officers to swipe an NFC tag and a QR code in order to gain access to our client’s keys.

When either of the tags are swiped, the request to access the keys will be stored in the client’s file, which not only allows our management to keep track of keys at all times, but also allows our clients to keep track of when and where their keys have been accessed via our online portal or as a PDF printout on request.

Digital incident reports

We no longer use outdated paper reports when incidents occur. Once incidents have been resolved, our security officers will fill out their report on a mobile device which will then be sent to the client’s file. Once the report has been reviewed by a supervisor or manager, it will then be emailed to the client and can also be viewed at any point via our customer portal.

Vehicle GPS and dashcam systems

For additional monitoring purposes, all of our patrol vehicles are fitted with GPS systems that can be used to evaluate performance and the location of our security patrol officers at all times, along with dashcams that can be used to capture video evidence of accidents and crimes.

If you would like to benefit from the enhanced management and reporting services we provide, simply get in touch today. Give us a call on 0116 2464 952 to discuss your security requirements and our team will identify exactly how we can assist as well as how you can take advantage of all of the impressive features outlined above.