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Regular Monitoring and security of your solar farms

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Security for solar farms should be a priority to prevent theft whilst also maintaining safety policies.

Solar farm security is vital to maintain due to the expensive costs paid in case materials or equipment get lost. Also, it is essential that only authorised personnel have access to your solar farm, and this is precisely where solar farm security services can help in monitoring to ensure maximum safety on site.

Wired IP CCTV Camera Systems

If your solar farm has constant power through it, a wired camera system would be ideal for installing, as they come with the benefit of having a higher resolution and a more comprehensive detection range. Both of these advantages will help with better viewing your solar farm through the cameras. 

The Dahua TiOC motion sensor camera is an excellent choice for any site. It comes with consistent power due to its high resolution, full-colour night vision, customisable detection zones, and digital tripwires. This AI type will help determine if the motion is an intruder or vehicle before tripping the alarm.

When the Dahua TiOC detects intrusions, it will use several devices to deter them from proceeding into your site. This will be in the form of flashing light, alarm, and a speaker playing a message. 

We can also install high definition infrared CCTV cameras alongside the Dahua TiOC dynamic CCTV cameras. If choosing this option, our installed IP CCTV systems can be managed by our monitoring team so that they can send out a security team to your site whenever needed. All our systems can be easily accessed through an app to see your site through our CCTV cameras.

Wireless CCTV System

We can help with your intruder deterrent camera system’s wireless CCTV installation to ensure the product’s quality and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Once the motion-activated camera is triggered, a ping will be sent to our monitoring station to record the intrusion. This is when it will be reviewed, and a security team will be released to resolve the issue and contact the police. 

Additionally, we can install a video field RSI system, which can be installed alongside motion detector cameras, speakers, alarms for buildings without the support of consistent power, fire and smoke detection, and internal flood detection. 

Otherwise, we can help install an Oculi standalone system with cameras that can be powered via solar power, making them more eco-friendly and saving power costs. Oculi camera systems can be monitored like our other camera systems, and they also dispatch security teams and police to your site.

On-site Security Guards

In addition to the camera systems, we offer the optional service of on-site security guards to be a more physical deterrent and have a much high response time to intruders. Our experienced security guards can be stationed on-site for as long as you require, most commonly being overnight or 24/7. 

Our security guards will be fully licensed and uniformed, and we also use tracking systems to ensure that our guards satisfy your needs at all times. This is in the form of attendance and service verification to ensure that security staff are on-site at the correct times and additionally that they are patrolling or stationed in the right locations throughout your solar farm. Our security guards are fully compliant with the BS7499 provision of static guarding.

Security Canine Handlers

In addition to the security guards, we can provide our specialised canines and canine handlers that are fully trained and certified to keep your solar farm safe. These are a great physical deterrent, as they have a heightened sense and are great at detaining intruders. Canines handlers will have their specialised uniforms and vehicles, whilst all our security dog services are compliant with BS 8571-1 general purpose security dogs.

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