It takes only 5-10 minutes

Most burglaries last between just 5-10 minutes to reduce being caught by security or police response which is normally too late to stop the crime. This is why the best way to prevent criminals from targeting your premises is to have a uniformed static guard regularly patrolling the site to show a constant visual deterrent. Knowing that there are security officers patrolling the premises makes it too much of a risk of being caught and brought to justice.

Whether it is manning the front gate, barrier, construction site or protecting a vacant property, the presence of a static guard patrolling the premises is an extremely cost-effective method of protecting your staff, assets and premises, day and night.

Static Guard Patrol

Static guards are far from static when protecting your premises.

A key aspect of their role is to conduct regular and thorough patrols around the perimeter of your property, constantly being on the lookout for signs of intrusion and anything out of the ordinary as well as acting as a visible deterrent to would be intruders.

  • Prevent the loss of company’s assets and stocks
  • Prevent intruders/accidents/health and safety concerns
  • Ensure doors are locked and the site is secured
  • Detect and prevent intruders from accessing the premises
  • Regular site patrols to deter intruders

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Our Static guarding services include the below duties to keep your business, assets and staff safe.

  • Regular site patrols and inspections for signs of breach or damage
  • Monitor site CCTV
  • Ensure the site is completely secured
  • Respond to disturbances and emergencies on site
  • Monitor, authorise, control and record site access of employees and visitors
  • Arrange emergency services response in the case of emergencies or criminal activity
Guard Monitoring CCTV

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“Jonny & Chris helped us out when we were being targeted for theft from our premises at George Walker Ltd,

initially providing a full-time guard and then managing our site out of hours with their team and surveillance equipment. Very good service and keeping us constantly updated with reports. I’m sure without their presence now we would be suffering from more thefts!”


24/7 Security

24/7 site protection

Trained, licenced and uniformed security guards protecting your site 24/7

ISO Accreditation

ISO 9001 quality service

SecureSites have been awarded UKAS ISO 9001 for our commitment to quality and continual improvement


Fully licenced guards

All security guards deployed by SecureSites are trained and licenced by the SIA (Security Insudtry Authority)

Ramon Hygiene

We refer the incident on 19/06/2010 when your Security Patrolman Mr Milward was responsible for the arrest of three persons who had allegedly broken into our compound and had stolen a quantity of our products.

Had he not been on his foot patrol and witnessed this taking place and called the police, we feel we would have sustained far greater losses, and would not have recovered the goods that you discovered on Highmeres Road on a Sunday morning following the incident. We are certain that your presence here on this estate has benefited not only ourselves but the entire estate.

Mike Bartoszewicz

Deputy Managing Director

ISO 9001 Certified Buy With Confidence Accreditation
Armed Forces Covenant
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Why choose Security Sites Troon?

  • Trained and licenced professional security guards
  • Regular, full site patrols
  • Fully uniformed security deterent
  • Quality assured service

Introduce static guards to your business, and keep it safe 24/7

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