Static Guarding

Whether it is manning the front gate, barrier or construction site, or protecting a vacant property, the presence of a static guard patrolling the premises is an extremely cost-effective method of protecting your staff, assets and premises, day and night.

What static guards do

Whilst operating with the title of static guard, it is important to bear in mind that they are far from static when protecting your premises. A key aspect of their role is to conduct regular and thorough patrols around the perimeter of your property, constantly being on the lookout for signs of intrusion and anything out of the ordinary as well as acting as a visible deterrent to would be intruders.

Static Guarding in retail small business

Visual Deterrent

When it comes to providing a clear visual deterrent to those considering committing a crime at your premises, there is arguably no better option than our static guards. In the event that your property is faced with an intruder whilst a static guard is on site, the advantage of this security service is that you’ll benefit from far faster response time to such problems as the guard is already there, in the vicinity of the crime.

With most criminals anticipating that their crime will need to be committed within 3-7 minutes of gaining access before some form of security arrives, other security response times are too slow in comparison to a static guard who is already based on and patrolling the site or facility. This, therefore, reduces the chances of a perpetrator even targeting your site, as knowing that there are security officers on site increases the risk of being caught in the act and being brought to justice.

Our security guards will also take it upon themselves to inspect your premises to the finest of details and make considered recommendations that are aimed at minimising the risk of theft, accidents and any other criminal activity.

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